Roleplay Rules

When entering the roleplay server you are expected to design a character that is different from your true self and to play as though you are the character that you have created. Your behaviors and interactions on the server should only reflect the thoughts, behaviors and mannerisms of your character design.

1. Stay in Character

You must stay in character at all times while on the server.
Players should never focus on aspects of gameplay, or “winning” that gameplay, to detriment of roleplay. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Excessively focusing on the stats of your character, creatures or equipment.
  • Repeatedly tailoring the stats or build of your character for the current task.
  • Performing in-game tasks or having skills that are inappropriate for the character.
  • Building with no intention of using the structure for community roleplay.
  • Taming or breeding creatures with no intention of selling or trading.
  • Choosing gameplay actions or solo play instead of having roleplay interaction.
  • Accruing server wealth, resources or items of value without character purpose.
  • Constantly attacking players without sufficient narrative or player interaction.

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Players must do their best to never ignore, disregard or intentionally avoid the roleplay of others. “Farming” or gathering resources is not a valid reason to avoid interactions. Always engage in the roleplay that is taking place around you, and if you absolutely must bypass a scene due to a prior engagement or personal reasons, take the time to give the player an immersive reason why and then move on. Failing to roleplay a situation is strictly forbidden.

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You must value your life and the lives of other characters at all times, despite gameplay mechanics that allow players to respawn or return after being downed. Characters should always behave in a realistic manner, appropriate to the situation, especially those that may lead to injury or death. Never act in a way that indicates no value for your character’s life and survival.

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In roleplay, all interactions should be driven by a narrative, and violent weapons should typically be the final option. “Character design” will never be an acceptable reason for ignoring server rules. Players found to be habitually resorting to violent or criminal acts, especially without interaction or willingness to roleplay with characters outside of their circle, may be removed from the server.

2. No Metagaming

Metagaming and the use of meta information will not be tolerated. Metagaming is the use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character has not yet learned. You cannot know or act on any information that your character hasn’t directly learned through roleplay.

Metagaming is a complex topic. Visit our Metagaming section to learn more.

3. No Powergaming

Powergaming in all forms is prohibited. Powergaming is the the act of using a game mechanic, external information, or a roleplay concept to favor a specific character or story and give them an unfair or unrealistic advantage.

Powergaming is a complex topic. Visit out Powergaming section to learn more.

4. Honor "New Life Rule"

New Life Rule or “NRL” means that upon death during roleplay, your character does not actually die (unless you decide to permanently kill off your character), but you are not allowed to return to your corpse (unless continuing the scene via hostage roleplay) and you forget all events leading up to the death.

New Life Rule is a complex topic. Visit out New Life Rule section to learn more.

5. Content Restrictions

All roleplay must abide by our Community Code of Conduct.
Historical accuracy is not an excuse for violating our content restrictions.

6. Avoid Roleplay Blurring

There must be a clear separation between ‘in character’ (IC) and ‘out of character’ (OOC) behavior and knowledge. If your personal feelings begin to bleed into the roleplay, it is advised that you take a break from the server. If you continue to act based on OOC feelings, beliefs, disagreements or other information in character, especially in a toxic manner, we will be forced to remove you from the server. 

Remember, your character is not you and anything that happens to your character is not a direct attack on your outside reality.

7. Lore and Continuity

Players are required to follow any lore and continuity outlined for the server, despite character storyline, history or desire. 

Roleplay and references to the following topics, both written and verbal, are absolutely not permitted and may result in a permanent community ban.

  • Child Abuse and Pedophilia.
  • Bestiality and Necrophilia.
  • Rape and Sexual Assault.
  • Incest and Arranged Marriage.
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking.
  • Real world politics and religion.
  • Real world tragedies, criminals and genocide.

Permitted only in private settings with the consent of all parties involved prior to the scene.

Due to the emotional and graphic nature, acts of torture, dismemberment and mutilation, especially for the purpose of interrogation, are allowed only with the consent of all parties involved prior to the scene. Scenes that involve torture should also be approached with caution, and should be conducted in private where external parties are unlikely to approach.

Erotic content is not permitted on the server or community discord. 

Sexual or Erotic roleplay (abbreviated ERP) is defined as any roleplay that focuses on sexual nudity, erotic actions, or depicts a sexual activity. This content is not permitted while on Darkside servers or in public community spaces. If your roleplay leads in that direction, either take it to external DMs or skip the live server scene.

  • Local chat is not permitted for describing erotic touching, kissing and other mildly sexual activity.
  • Written content that reference sexual activity must contain warnings and be rated no higher than “Moderate”.
  • Adult characters may “seek privacy” in a room, without any further description, in order to imply a “fade to black”.
  • Erotic groaning, moaning and other sexual audio is not acceptable while on the server, even if no actions are visible.
  • Players are not permitted to manipulate emotes and animations in order to simulate graphic sexual movements.
  • Sexual abuse or violence is never permitted on the server and should never be implied or referenced, even if part of a character’s backstory.
Sensitive topics permitted only in private settings with the consent of all parties involved prior to the scene.

Roleplay that features mental health struggles or mental illness should always respect the gravity of these topics, and players who choose to feature these elements in their character should take care to avoid stereotype, offense, or misrepresentation. Mental illness should not be treated as a joke, gimmick, “shield” or “power”.

  • Public suicide scenes are never permitted on the server.
  • Sensitive scenes may be held in private with the consent of all parties involved prior to the scene.
  • Sensitive roleplay may not occur, even if “scheduled”, when players are present who have not given prior consent to the scene.
  • Roleplay that includes scenes of self-injury, such as cutting and burning, is not permitted on the server.
  • References to suicide or or self harm, in backstory or written items, must be brief, vague, and never contain description.
  • Items that contain sensitive content must never be publicly distributed and must always contain “trigger warnings”.

Always contact anyone who will witness this content for consent prior to the scene out of respect for players and viewers who may struggle with these topics. Always provide warnings when working with these topics.

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