Hell Let Loose Rules

1. Player Names & Clan Tag

All names must abide by community standards.

  • Players are prohibited from changing names to hide identity for any purpose.
  • Generic names are not permitted on Darkside Servers (Human, Survivor, Player, 123, 321, etc.)

    We advise that players use the Darkside clan tag when playing on Darkside servers to encourage seeding!

2. Stay in "Atmosphere"

Wargames is a style of roleplay that focuses on group identity in battle, rather than the individual. Players cooperate to survive and conquer through structured combat, and a detailed character isn’t required because your actions matter more than your backstory. Players are required to take combat seriously, abide by the structure of command, and uphold the ‘atmosphere’ of true realistic battle based on server theme.

2-a. Always follow orders

Always follow orders from the commanding officer(s). 

2-b. Never go rogue or AWOL

Always stay with your squad and follow the orders of your commanding officer. You may not go rogue.

3. No Spawn Camping.

Spawn camping, or the act of holding position on or near the spawn point with the intent to repeatedly kill respawning players, is not permitted during wargames. If you are going to take down artillery as a military tactic, do so and move on. Remaining on this point in any other capacity is considered spawn camping.

4. No locking vacant squads.

Players are not permitted to lock squads that have not yet been fully filled. You may temporarily reserve positions for actively queuing members, but locks on vacant squads may never exceed 5 minutes. Repeatedly locking and unlocking squads does not bypass this rule.

5. No armor units if under 50 players.

For balance, armor units are not allowed to be utilized in game unless a match has over 50 active players.

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