Wargames Communication

1. VOIP Required

In-game VOIP must be used at all times on DarksideRP. Abusing any external communications is considered metagaming.

  • 1-a. Mute Characters: We do not currently allow ‘mute’ characters as there are not currently enough emotes to facilitate this type of RP and active PvP does occur on the server (requiring vocal communication). Written notes are not a substitute for voice RP.

2. English Fluency

This is an English speaking server and all players must be able to communicate clearly in spoken English. English does not need to be your main language but you must be fluent enough to easily understand others and be understood in fast paced interactions.

3. No Voip Spam

Do not broadcast music or found effects over the in game VOIP system unless it fits the RP scene and is only done for the minimum required time to enhance the roleplay.

Copywritten music and sound effects may never be played through voip while in Whitelisted servers.

4. No External Communication

External Communication (discord, skype, teamspeak, in-person communication etc.) may not be used for anything regarding actual roleplay. Similarly, external communication can be used only while solo-farming materials (non-RP tasks). The moment you begin active RP, you MUST close your external connection and use in game VOIP.

  • All external communication must be unrelated to RP.
  • External communication is NEVER allowed during raids or combat.

5. Local Chat

Local chat may only be used for written emotes that you wouldn’t typically be able to enact with the game’s limited emote system, or to communicate OOC issues in the case of an emergency. You must use (( )) to denote that you are speaking OOC. Example: ((OOC: Sorry, mic problems. One moment.))

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