Atlas Lore

1. World Setting

DarksideRP Atlas is set in an early 1700’s Alternate-Earth Universe. While this world contains some fantasy elements, all player characters must be mortals of human race, and magic does not exist in a form that can be harnessed by player characters. This includes supernatural abilities and powers. Alchemical science does exist and provides some mystical benefits due to the presence of mythos in the environment.

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2. The Outer Reaches

The outer reaches is an area of the world that has become extremely contaminated by the presence of a strange mineral called “Mythos”. While this mineral was found to be useful in many applications due to the pure energy contained within, it has leeched into the water, mutating the local fauna and triggering regular natural disasters. Still, despite the danger, adventurers are often found farming these areas due to the rare resources and plentiful harvests.

  • Structure and settlement building in the Outer Reaches is strongly discouraged
  • Ships parked in these locations may take storm damage.
  • Storms are very destructive and automated.

3. The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy is the official naval force and only law enforcement presence on the server.
Learn more about the navy in the Law Enforcement section.

  • Located at the Port of Proudshire in B2; South West Corner of the Royal Waters.
  • Offers legal Mythos and other trade items at the public Trade Docks.
  • Offers Land Charters for Civilian Freeport Settlement.
  • Offers Letters of Marque for Privateer and bounty roleplay.
  • Provides law enforcement and roleplay consequence.
  • Has the ability to force-perma ‘infamous’ criminals.

4. Freeports

Freeport Islands are home to a number of NPC Skill trainers, Vendors and services, and are meant to stay clear of all player builds and general litter throughout the season. If there’s something you need, you’ll likely find it at a freeport! These islands are open at all times to players.

  • Visit Skilled Trainers to buy tomes and learn professions.
  • Visit NPCs to identify unknown items and unlock loot caches.
  • Obtain all necessary items and reagents at the local vendors.
  • Purchase advertisements for display at the Freeport.
  • Sell goods to visitors at the Player Marketplace.
  • Convert your coin and make change at the local Bank.
  • Respecialize your abilities by purchasing a ‘Sullen Wit’.

5. Map Layout

[Image Coming Soon]

All Freeport Waters are under indirect control by the Royal Navy. Land may be charted from the Navy for settlement by Civilian Settlements and Businesses.

  • Players may not build within Freeport grids during the first 7 days of the season to allow for traffic flow.
  • Settlement and building charters for Islands in Freeport Waters can be obtained through roleplay with the Royal Navy.
  • Black flag companies may not build structures on any island within Freeport Waters (barring war or admin approval).
  • Navy will more heavily patrol Freeport Waters, and crimes committed in these regions will result in higher penalties.
The Royal Waters, located in B2, is under direct control by the Royal Navy. The Official Naval Base is located on the Port of Proudshire.

  • Players may not build structures on any island within the Royal Waters without Navy sanction (barring war or admin approval).
  • Navy Personnel should not be performing any structure or ship building on Navy soil without authorization.

Learn more about The Royal Navy and their services.

The outer reaches is an area of the world that has become extremely contaminated by the presence of a strange mineral called “Mythos”. 

  • Structure and settlement building in the Outer Reaches is strongly discouraged.
  • Storms are very destructive and automated. Ships may take damage even when anchored.

The Shrouded Seas are a mysterious area of the world that lacks traditional map navigation due to the presence of near constant fog. Engulfed by the mist, players are unable to build lasting structures (barring admin approval) and find their work always disappearing before the day is over. Still, for those brave enough to navigate it, these waters may host many secrets and the perfect temporary hiding place to escape.

  • Structure and settlement building in the Shrouded Seas is discouraged.
  • Destruction is automated and only temporary structures are recommended.

The white waters is a content creator-only whitelisted area of the server. This area requires additional ‘Whitelisted’ permissions, indicated by an Orange colored name in discord or a checkmark in the account dashboard. If you enter these waters without the proper permissions, you will be given a 2 minute warning to turn around and leave before being kicked from the server.

These permissions are currently Invite Only. 

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