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Server FAQ

There are several ways to connect to Darkside servers.

  1. Download the Darkside Launcher application to connect.
  2. Add the server IP to your steam favorites and connect.
  3. Search for “DarksideRP” while in game (Password, Unofficial).

If choosing to direct connect, you can find all server IP and password related information listed in our official community discord once you have obtained your ‘Approved Member’ tags. 

You can find all of our community and server rules here. Keep in mind that each game server has its own individual set of rules and style of gameplay, and it is your responsibility a member of the Darkside community to be aware of these rules and regulations at all times.

In certain situations, some roleplay rules and limits can be bent for the sake of a better story or a creative idea. If you would like to request a permission to bend rules, please submit a request. You must receive an approval response to your ticket before bending any server rules.

A discord account and presence in our community discord server is mandatory for gameplay on DarksideRP. Sometimes it is necessary for players to contact each other ‘out of character’ or outside the server to discuss actions taking place in game. Better communication between players always makes for a better server experience!

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing connection issues while trying to access DarksideRP servers. If you are unable to connect, please check connection troubleshooting for a solution.

Download the Launcher