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1. The Port of Proudshire

The Royal Navy is positioned at the Port of Proudshire, located in B2; South West Corner of the Royal Waters.

  • Citizens may not build within the Royal Waters without Navy sanction (barring war or admin approval).
  • Navy Personnel should not be performing any structure or ship building on Navy soil without authorization.  

The Royal Navy Grid cannot be subject to aggression during the first 10 days of each new season. This allows the server enough time to develop rapport with the Royal Navy and begin official trade operations. 

Citizens are welcome to visit the Trade Docks on the  South Coast. If you would like to enlist in the navy, please visit the trade docks!

The War Docks on the East coast is off limits to non-Navy Personnel.

Mythos is considered a contraband item due to its power but all citizens may legally purchase Mythos from the Navy Trade Docks. Every purchase will come with a purchase receipt for proof of legal trade. Purchase receipts must be kept on record.

  • Purchase receipts allow for the transport of the product for that day only.
  • Purchase receipts must be kept on record where the resource is being stored.

2. Law Enforcement

The Royal Navy is the official naval force and only law enforcement presence on the server.

All recruits receive a uniform. After completing basic training, all navy members will receive standard issue firearms. It is the responsibility of the sailor to be in full uniform at all times when on active duty. The Royal Navy will provide all food, supplies, ammunition and repairs needed while performing naval duties. Anything outside of that will be the burden of the player.

Due to the purpose of the Royal Navy, “corruption” and deliberate acts of treason and company sabotage are not allowed without explicit admin approval. There is always room for creativity, but due to the level of destruction this can cause for the overall server, it must be heavily regulated. If you would like your storyline concept to be considered, please submit a special request. Ignoring this rule will result in admin action.

Honorable Discharge
Players must submit their resignation and speak to a commanding officer or a member of high command before being absolved of their duties. These players will be given a farewell package with necessary supplies and gold and then they will be dropped off at a Freeport.

Leaving the navy without following the proper procedure or going AWOL (“away without leave”) is acceptable roleplay but it is considered treason and may result in additional character consequences. Remember, by server rule, you may not take any navy property with you when you defect.

Acts of mutiny and the theft of any Navy property is never allowed within the Royal Navy without explicit admin approval. Ignoring this rule will result in admin action.

3. Privateers

Privateers are private contractors who legally aid the Royal Navy and receive permission to commit acts that could otherwise be seen as piracy. In order to become an Official Privateer, you must submit application with the Royal Navy, undergo inspection and receive an Official Letter of Marque.

A Letter of Marque allows players to legally complete Royal Bounties and perform actions typically seen as against the law.

The Letter of Marque must be kept on your ship/person whenever sailing ‘red’ and must be presented when performing official privateer duties. Failure to present your credentials when necessary would cause all Privateer actions to be considered criminal and your Marque will be put under review.

With a valid Marque and Official Sails, Privateers may:

  • Fire upon black sails without initiation.
  • Obtain royal contracts to farm illegal resources.
  • Take wanted criminals prisoner for delivery to the Royal Navy.
  • Accept and perform Official Bounties and Missions from the Royal Navy.
  • Hail non-naval ships if hunting a bounty or on an Official Mission (and have probable cause.)
Without prior admin approval, Privateers may not:
  • Fly black sails or transition to black sails.
  • Collaborate with pirates or aid wanted criminals.
  • Turn against the Royal Navy or commit acts of treason.

4. Crime

Petty Crimes

Petty Theft
Disorderly Conduct
Petty Assault
Contraband Possession
Disrespect of Royal Navy Personnel

Major Crimes

False Reporting of a Crime
Contraband Trafficking
Contraband Manufacturing
Robbery or Extortion
Burglary or Theft
Attempted Murder

5. Contraband

Contraband items are illegal to keep, farm, produce, sell and trade.

Unstable Mythos
Mythos (without receipt)
Bootleg Mythos Refiner
Dragon’s Tongue (bootleg)
Toxicology Tomes
Tobacco Cultivation
Peaceflower Cultivation
All Alchemical Poisons
Unknown Essence
Unidentifiable Liquid
Unstable Accelerant

Death Cap
Contraband Seeds
Major Extracted Venom
Hydra Stomach
Noxious Bile
Titan Blood

Monstrous Beast Fang
Monstrous Beast Horn
Pristine Cyclops Eye
Dragon Horn
Earth Core
Flame Core
Storm Core
Concentrated Silver
Concentrated Gold

All citizens may legally purchase Mythos from the Navy Trade Docks. Every purchase will come with a purchase receipt for proof of legal trade. Purchase receipts must be kept on record.

  • Purchase receipts allow for the transport of the product for that day only.
  • Purchase receipts must be kept on record where the resource is being stored.

Tobacco, peaceflower, and moonshroom products are not considered contraband, however the cultivation of the plants and possession of their seeds is illegal without the proper licensing. Companies in good standing may obtain a legal contract to cultivate these products from the Royal Navy.

Poisonous plants are always illegal.

Official privateers can occasionally obtain contracts from the Royal Navy to travel to dangerous islands to retrieve contraband resources necessary to Naval Production. 

  • Privateers must fly official red sails when working these contracts.
  • Farming these resources can only be legally done with direct written contract from the Royal Navy.
  • Players may only farm what they are directed to obtain.
  • Any product kept is considered theft and is punishable by law.

6. Infamy

As players commit crimes, they slowly gain infamy with the Royal Navy. Once a player has become “wanted” or “infamous” they will be subject to harsher punishments that can lead to forced perma-death. For more information on permadeath, visit the Character rules. 

Level 1 - Suspicious

Accused of 1 Petty Crime
General Criminal Association*
Unpaid fees or debts

Possible Punishment

Arrest by Privateers/ Navy
Fines not to exceed 5 Gold

Reduce Infamy

Pay all fines or debts (required).
Cooperate during interrogation.
Volunteer information.
End criminal association.


*(Publicly friends with or trades with Pirates.)

Level 2 - Known​

Accused of multiple Petty Crimes
Close Criminal Association*
Resisting Arrest (immediate)
Unpaid fines

Possible Punishment

Active Bounty Posted
Fines not to exceed 20 Gold

Permanent Branding

Reduce Infamy

Peacefully surrender.
Pay all fines or debts (required).
Pirate Rehabilitation Program.

*(Frequently spends time with or married to a pirate.)

Level 3 - Wanted​

Accused of excessive Petty Crimes
Accused of 1 Major Crime
Cooperative Criminal Association*
Directly attacking the Royal Navy

Possible Punishment

Fines not to exceed 50 Gold
Permanent Branding
Up to 24 Hours Prison Time
“Forced Respawn” (Injury)

Reduce Infamy

Peacefully surrender.
Pay all fines or debts (required).
Pirate Rehabilitation Program.

*(Provides shelter or supply, fences stolen goods, or lies to protect pirates.)

Level 4 - Infamous

Accused of multiple Major Crimes
Sinking a Royal Navy Vessel
Kidnapping Navy Personnel
Murder of a Port Town Governor
“Forced respawn” or execution of Navy
Declaration of Independence (High Treason)

Possible Punishment

24 hr Imprisonment
Permadeath Execution
Company May be Subject to Siege

There is no way to reduce infamy at this level.

7. Punishment

Players who commit crimes and are apprehended by or delivered to the Royal Navy may be served a punishment according to the crime or their current level of server infamy. Without consequence there is no risk, and without risk there is no true reward.

If crew members are taken captive by The Royal Navy and proven to have taken part in any acts of piracy, they may be tattooed or “branded” with a ‘P’ on the back of their right hand before being released. It is prohibited to remove this tattoo (as it is considered a permanent physical brand) and the Navy will keep a log of all who receive them. Removal will result in admin action.

Players with infamy level 2 or higher can be jailed by the Royal Navy for longer than the standard 15 minute hostage period without OOC permission. Additionally, Navy Sailors and Officers can be held by Pirate faction for extended periods if taken hostage following a battle. All actions have consequences.

If a player is “forced to respawn” by firing squad at the end of their consequence RP, this death is not considered an execution. Death by firing squad is not a perma and you may respawn with a head injury. 

All players who have reached ‘Infamous’ status are at risk for permadeath. Following capture, once an execution order has been given, players have a 24 hour grace period, during which their company can attempt a rescue. If not rescued, this execution by hanging or guillotine is considered an automatic permadeath. For more information on permadeath, visit the Character rules.

8. Enemy of the Crown

Privateers and Civilians who consistently break laws, perform unofficial bounties, or act in other ways deemed “aggressive and unlawful” can be marked as an “Enemy of the Crown”.

If you are marked Enemy of the Crown, then you must, by server law, “paint your sails black” (obtain the pirate class and utilize pirate sails). From this point on as an Enemy of the Crown, the company will be treated as pirates. Enemies of the Crown who continue to commit crime before paying tribute to the crown, will gain additional Infamy and be subject to seiging.

To get back into the good graces of his Majesty, Enemies of the Crown can deliver a cache of gold to the Royal Navy as Tribute to return to Civilian status. The amount of this tribute is dependent on the crimes committed and will be decided through roleplay. This can only occur once during a company’s existence, even if they change name.

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