Atlas Ship Combat


Step one

Initiation | Signal

Use flares to signal the nature of approach.

Only pirates sailing black, official privateers, and official naval vessels may “demand” that other ships stop their ships.


Step Two

Response | Consequence​​





If a ship has raised sails and stopped, this indicates request for conversation or immediate surrender. If hailing the ship is ineffective, fire a single warning shot. Wait enough time for response, then move into position for combat.

1. Combat Classification

Combat on land follows general Atlas PvP rules, but the seas are a dangerous place where piracy is always a risk when out on open waters. All PvP actions that ships can take at sea depend on the current color of their sails. All ships must abide by the sail color classifications and aggressive ships must utilize “far render” sail skins.

2. Flare Communication

All players must abide by the server’s nautical flare code when at sea. These flares must always be respected, and may never be used to falsely lure players into a trap. Abuse of flare codes is considered griefing. All other flare colors are up to the individual group.

  • Green Flare: Non-aggressive. “Friendly” or “Please pull over.”
  • Red Flare: Aggressive. “Stop! Preparing to engage.”
  • White Flare: Peaceful reply. Desire for communication or immediate surrender to hostile forces.

Never excessively spam flares against other ships in an attempt to blind the onboard players.

3. Parley or Surrender ​

The raising of sails and stopping of a vessel, indicates the request for peaceful communications or surrender to previous aggression. This can be coupled with coded flares. Attempts at vocal conversation should occur as soon as all parties are within VOIP range.

4. NLR in Ship Combat

Naval combat is the only time you may ignore New Life Rule and immediately return to combat. However, if you were not originally on the ship, you may not exploit this to join the battle. Naval combat is defined as active ship combat at sea.

5. “Shimmer" or Load Time Abuse

Ships cannot abuse the ‘shimmer’ between servers to gain an advantage in battle. Not all players load at the same speed.

6. Attacking Unmanned Ships

You may only attack anchored, unmanned ships in specific situations in order to further the roleplay for everyone’s benefit. Sinking anchored ships in all other situations is considered griefing due to the time investment necessary to build these ships.

  1. Engagement: You engage with the owner of the ship nearby and things escalate during conversation.
  2. Permission: You have an agreement with the owner to bypass this rule.
  3. War: You are currently at war with the company and terms have been discussed.

7. Piracy

Pirates who successfully force a ship to surrender can choose to perform player robbery or prisoner roleplay. For more in depth information and additional regulations please visit our player Combat rules.

8. Sunken Ships

All ships that are sunk at sea are up for looting by anyone that finds them. 

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