Communication Rules

1. Voip is Required

In-game VOIP must be used at all times on DarksideRP and technical issues are not an excuse for avoiding VOIP roleplay.
Atlas: Provo is required on all Atlas Servers, instead of in game VOIP.

External Communication (discord, skype, teamspeak, in-person communication etc.) may not be used for transmitting or receiving meta information or for gaining a communication advantage during active roleplay. Similarly, external communication can be used only while solo-farming materials (non-RP tasks). The moment you begin active RP, you MUST close your external connection and only utilize the in-game VOIP. Abusing any external communications is considered metagaming.

  • All external communication must be unrelated to server activity.
  • External voice connection is NEVER allowed during raids or active combat.
  • Referring to messages from discord as “ravens” does not excuse meta information.

Learn more about Metagaming.

Voice changers and Text to Speech (TTS) programs are permitted in roleplay only if they are pleasing to hear, fitting to the current roleplay, and able to be understood clearly. These programs may not be used if it results in voice audio that is glitchy, laggy, high pitched, robotic or extremely unrealistic.

Due to the limitations within sandbox games and the presence of quick paced PvP combat, we do not allow players to freely roleplay as characters that are mute, non-verbal or have any disability that causes them to be unable to respond and be understood clearly in voice. Written roleplay is to be supplemental and not used as a players main form of communication, unless given prior approval by admins to play a non-verbal character. Slots are limited. If you would like to request permissions, please submit a ticket.

  • Must receive admin approval prior to joining the server.
  • Priority is given to players who are physically disabled. 
  • Must include [M] at the beginning of the character name.
  • May not utilize this permission to avoid roleplay interactions.
  • May not utilize local chat to “speak” through text and bypass VOIP.
  • May not use any form of “sign language” in text to communicate.
  • May not type anything that cannot be clearly understood through gesture.
  • Must carry notes and journals at all times for roleplay communication. 
  • May not act as an aggressor in combat, due to the communication delay.
  • May not roleplay a character that also has a disability that impacts hearing. 
  • May not reverse the condition through roleplay without rerolling the character.
  • May never verbally communicate on the server. Non-verbal characters must stay non-verbal.

Provo is DarksideRP’s custom VOIP program that brings roleplay a clearer, more reliable sound connection. Players will now be able to hear eachother in a crowd or clearly enjoy a full concert without interruption by nearby VOIP activation! Simply download our program and load it up in the background while playing Atlas. It will automatically connect and route through your voice keybinds in Atlas settings.

Hearing double? Be sure to also disable the lower quality default Atlas VOIP by navigating to game settings and turning the  voice volume slider all the way down to zero (0).

Note: You may get a windows warning due to the lack of certification. The program is still 100% safe and you can simply bypass this warning to continue.

2. English Fluency

This is an English speaking server and all players must be able to communicate clearly in spoken English. English does not need to be your main language but you must be fluent enough to easily understand others and be understood in fast paced interactions.

Players who choose to roleplay a “foreign” character, who has an alternate native tongue, must still communicate in English or universally understood communication. All non-English texts must supply translation. Roleplay design does not excuse players to bypass our language rules.

3. No Voip Spam

Do not broadcast music or sound effects over the in game VOIP system unless it fits the RP scene and is only done for the minimum required time to enhance the roleplay or scene.

Copywritten music and sound effects may never be utilized while on the server. This is a content creator friendly server, and any malicious use of DMCA music will be banned. You may only play sound effects, music and other audio that you have the legal right to broadcast and share with anyone within audio range (including on livestream or the livestream of other players).

4. Local Chat

Local chat may only be used for written emotes that enhance the scene, or to communicate technical issues.

Local chat may only be used for visible action or emotion that you wouldn’t typically be able to enact with the game’s limited emote system.

  • Should enhance the roleplay scene rather than be dependent on it.
  • May only include information that is clearly visible or able to be understood by gesture.
  • May only represent emotion that would be clearly conveyed by expression or body language.

Local chat can be used to communicate technical issues such as a malfunctioning microphone, lag or internet issues that cannot be communicated through voice. These messages should still be roleplay appropriate and players should attempt to alleviate the issue as soon as possible. 

  • Lag/ Internet: “Headache”
  • Textures: “Blurry Eyes”
  • Microphone: “Something in my throat.”

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