Character Rules

1. Character Limits

Players are allowed to play one character per server cluster at a time. Owning additional accounts or operating someone else’s account to bypass this restriction is prohibited without prior admin approval.

2. Character Names

All character names must be realistic, inoffensive and appropriate to the server theme, containing only characters found within the modern English alphabet. Additionally all names may not:

  • Contain accented letters, number or symbols (except for dashes or quotes).
  • Reference memes, pop culture, famous people or other existing media.
  • Use the same surname as another character or group without prior discussion.
  • Be overly similar or identical to another character already existing on the server.
  • Be ‘veiled’ or disguised, even to avoid name-plating (ie. “Meta” or “Survivor”).
  • Be derived from your real name or any username that serves as your online identity.
  • Be a ‘gag name’ intended to be humorous through similarity to strange imagery or vulgarity.

3. Character Design

All characters must fit the theme of the server that they are playing on. Additionally character designs must:

  • All characters must be realistic human characters unless otherwise allowed by server lore.
  • Character Models must always be appropriate to the character’s age and background.
  • Characters must dress appropriately for the weather (or roleplay the detriment of improper attire).

4. Character Age

All players are required to roleplay as adult characters on DarksideRP servers, except in specific circumstances.

Adult Characters
  • Characters 18 years and older.
  • Have access to all crafting and career paths.
  • Are allowed to enter romantic RP with any adult character.

5. Re-rolling

If you are ending your character’s roleplay, you may create a new character on the server. 

Regardless of permadeath, if you choose to delete your character in order to create a new one, all property is forfeit.

  • Players may have characters preserve “roleplay significant” items prior to soft-perma.
  • Property can be inherited by other characters if a will was created prior to death.
  • If the deleted character was solo, all remaining property will be removed.
  • If the deleted character had a group, all property defaults to the remaining members.
  • Players are not obligated to return property, even if they agreed to it, if the original character has been deleted.

“Heirlooming” is the act of rerolling as a character directly related to a past roleplay character, often times passing on knowledge or assets to the related characters in order to avoid rerolling entirely or to immediately continue that specific storyline.

  • Excessive heirlooming without valid reason is considered powergaming.
  • You may never inherit land, structures, gear, tames or other items of value from your past characters without significant server roleplay and admin approval.

Resurrection roleplay, or returning a character from a story death or perma-death state, is not permitted without prior admin approval. This is considered a supernatural event and use of resurrection can be seen as powergaming.

6. Permadeath

Permadeath or “permanent death” refers to a player character permanently losing their life in roleplay, unable to be revived again. All characters are mortal and, occasionally, permadeath is the best option for stories where a return would seem impossible, illogical or ruin the flow of the surrounding storylines.

Permadeath is a personal story choice unless the character is engaging in illegal, violent or otherwise dangerous activities.

  • Players generally cannot force each other to perma their characters.
  • Committing Infamous crimes and violent acts grants perma permission.
  • The Royal Navy can permanently execute Infamous players with admin approval.
  • Admins can overrule extreme cases and force permadeath through server removal.

Visit our Permadeath article to learn more.

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