Character Creation

Before joining the server, you’ll be asked to create the character that you’ll play while in game. They don’t need to be extremely in depth, but at the very least, you’ll need to know their approximate age, what they look like, and their name. It also helps to think a little bit about their background, family, education or training, and personality type!

1. Character Design

All characters must fit the theme of the server that they are playing on. Characters models must always be appropriate to the character’s age and background, and look reasonably realistic. If you are using unrealistic proportions or skin tones, there should be an acceptable RP reason for it.

  • 1-a. Well-Known People/Characters: Never RP any famous people or well known characters that already exist. You may take inspiration from well known individuals, but you may not be them or use their exact name. Be creative!

2. Character Names

  • Must follow a First Name, Last Name format.
  • Must be realistic, inoffensive and fitting to the server’s theme.
  • Should not contain symbols, except for dashes. (No accented letters!)
  • Should not be overly comical, or reference memes and pop culture.
  • Cannot be similar to the names of famous people or well known characters.
  • Can not be similar to your real name or any username that serves as your online identity.

3. Character Age

All players are required to roleplay as adult characters on DarksideRP servers, except in specific circumstances.

Adult Characters

  • Characters 18 years and older.
  • Have access to all crafting and career paths.
  • Are allowed to enter romantic RP with any adult character.

Remember: Occasionally you may still come across an underage character on the server, which will be indicated by a special tag within their name. If you ever meet a young character, conduct your interactions with them according to their age, and be very cautious about involving them in adult situations. This is the ONLY instance where nametag identification is acceptable in roleplay.

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