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1. Building Etiquette

Never spam building pieces, such as foundations or pillars, in order to block other players or reserve land. Using scattered structures explicitly for the sake of blocking other players is considered powergaming.

Never block public access to major points of interest, spawn points, major resources, or passages that typically receive a high amount of traffic.

Never leave taming pens, fish traps, campfires, sleeping bags or other “temporary structures”, scattered across the server with no intention to return. Any litter found placed away from your main base build may be automatically removed, and repeatedly leaving litter on the map can result in admin action.

There is plenty of room for everyone on the server. Be aware of where you are building and avoid excessive clustering without first receiving permission from those who already have built in the nearby area.

2. Base Builds

Clans are allowed one “base build” at a time. 

Unfinished structures, vacant starter huts and other land claims may be removed if no significant progress is is made to expand them within 48 hours. As long as players continue to work on their build, they may utilize the land.

  • You may only “reserve” one plot of land at a time. 
  • You may not make “back up” claims.

All base locations must be reasonable for the size and purpose of the group in order to maintain server health and save space for new players. Buildings should be designed with roleplay in mind, not for pure PvP or “min-maxing”.

If an admin feels your build is too big, expect a request to downsize.

If you decide to move base locations, you must destroy the previously built base to prevent server degradation. If there is a company merger, base restrictions are still in effect and it is your responsibility to organize what is to be kept.

The server will clear out the property of inactive companies without warning if all members have been inactive for 14 days. Some of these processes are automated and we will not replace items lost due to inactivity. In order to avoid losing your property, make sure that at least one person from the company logs in and completes a few tasks to register activity.

If you are solo and will be taking an extended leave from the game but plan to return to your character, let an admin know so we can visit your property and make sure the automated systems do not demo your main base. We cannot hold property for “vacations” lasting longer than 20 days with the current state of the EA.

3. Building Regulations

Realistic builds are required on this server. All structures should enhance roleplay and have an in-character reason to be built, beyond the desire for excess. Remember to keep aesthetics appropriate to the server’s theme and be proactive about maintaining areas for server health.

Player built structures must be realistic and generally follow the rules of earth physics. 

  • Avoid floating structures without “supports”.
  • No exceptionally tall towers.

“Foundations”, or the solid block form of flooring, impact the server most heavily. Limit the use of these pieces when designing your structure builds.

  • Never stack foundations.
  • Utilize a “hollow floor” build when possible.
  • Opt for prefab items when available.

Unintended structures should never be used to create walls or fencing.

  • Never create walls with foundations or gates.
  • You may not completely surround your territory with giant walls.

Always stay within the bounds of map’s intended terrain. Structures should never be placed inside of the terrain of a server map, regardless of whether you can freely move inside without an exploit (broken collision). 

All rooms and stash spots must be accessible without utilizing mesh glitches, the destruction or removal of structure pieces. You may hide how to access them, but you must be able to enter them in some way, without causing destruction or utilizing the “pick up” game mechanic

4. Auto-turrets​

NPCs, defense tames and other automatic turrets may be used for the defense of private property according to the following regulations.

  • Exterior Turrets that can fire upon players are not allowed unless actively at war.
  • Gates to areas containing auto-turrets must be closed and locked at all times.
  • Warning signs are often required are when active defenses are present.
  • If NPCs are used to man turrets, they count towards active tame limits.

Exterior Turrets are turrets placed outdoors that are aimed at any area not enclosed by a secure defensive wall.

Wild Animals Only (unless actively at war)
Visible Warning: Required

Fortress Turrets are turrets placed outdoors that are fully enclosed within a private, gated area.

Setting: Any target
Visible Warning: Required

The range of the turret cannot exceed the area protected by the enclosure.
Turrets that can shoot outside of these walls would be considered “Exterior Turrets”.

Interior Turrets are turrets that are fully enclosed within a fully secured and locked building.

Setting: Any target
Visible Warning: Not Required

Auto-turrets can never be mounted on tames and other mobile terrain “vehicles”. 

5. Restricted Building Zones

The following areas have structure and building restrictions:

The Royal Waters, located in B2, is under direct control by the Royal Navy. The Official Naval Base is located on the Port of Proudshire.

  • Players may not build structures on any island within the Royal Waters without Navy sanction (barring war or admin approval).
  • Navy Personnel should not be performing any structure or ship building on Navy soil without authorization.

Learn more about The Royal Navy and their services.

All Freeport Waters are under indirect control by the Royal Navy. Land may be charted from the Navy for settlement by Civilian Settlements and Businesses.

  • Players may not build within Freeport grids during the first 7 days of the season to allow for traffic flow.
  • Settlement and building charters for Islands in Freeport Waters can be obtained through roleplay with the Royal Navy.
  • Black flag companies may not build structures on any island within Freeport Waters (barring war or admin approval).
  • Navy will more heavily patrol Freeport Waters, and crimes committed in these regions will result in higher penalties.

Freeports Islands are meant to stay cleared of all player builds and general litter throughout the season. These islands are home to all NPC Skill Trainers, Vendors and Services- open at all times to players of the server. 

  • Players may not build on Freeport Islands (barring admin approval).
  • Player Shops may be installed in the designated Market location on Freeport islands (if space is still available).
  • “Advertisement” Signs and Billboards may be purchased at the Freeport. These ads will only last their listed duration.
  • All other placed items or structures will be automatically removed. These will not be returned and players will not be reimbursed.

By server lore, Mythos Islands are extremely dangerous and it is considered illegal to poach the creatures that exist there.

  • All unsanctioned activity surrounding these islands will be considered suspicious.
  • Exploration and Harvesting Permits can be obtained through the Royal Navy.
  • Players may not build Settlements or “bases” on Mythos Islands (barring admin approval).

The outer reaches is an area of the world that has become extremely contaminated by the presence of a strange mineral called “Mythos”. While this mineral was found to be useful in many applications due to the pure energy contained within, it has leeched into the water, mutating the local fauna and triggering regular natural disasters. Still, despite the danger, adventurers are often found farming these areas due to the rare resources and plentiful harvests.

  • Structure and settlement building in the Outer Reaches is strongly discouraged.
  • Storms are very destructive and automated. Ships may take damage even when anchored.

The Shrouded Seas are a mysterious area of the world that lacks traditional map navigation due to the presence of near constant fog. Engulfed by the mist, players are unable to build lasting structures (barring admin approval) and find their work always disappearing before the day is over. Still, for those brave enough to navigate it, these waters may host many secrets and the perfect temporary hiding place to escape.

  • Structure and settlement building in the Shrouded Seas is discouraged.
  • Destruction is automated and only temporary structures are recommended.

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