Rules – Characters

Character Creation

1. Characters models must be proportionate to the character’s age, size, and background and look somewhat realistic. If you are creating unrealistic proportions, there should be an acceptable RP reason for it. This rule also applies to fantasy skin tones. Characters who violate this rule will be forced to re-roll. If you are concerned and want approval, contact a staff member.

2. Character Names: Character names must follow our naming convention and all names that violate our rules will require the character to re-roll regardless of their current level.

          a. Names must be realistic, inoffensive and fitting to the RP

          b. Cannot use the names of famous people or well known characters.
          c. Cannot be your real name, or any username that refers to your identity.
          d. Cannot contain symbols except for dashes (no accented letters!)

3. Character Age: If you are roleplaying a young character, you must afix a tag to your character name and choose the appropriate in game option when first entering the server. These tags are the ONLY acceptable nametag identification allowed. People should be cautious of RPing adult situations with or around young characters. 

          a. Child Characters

                       – Characters 14 years old and younger.
                       – Must include “[c]” at the beginning of the name. 

                       – Not allowed to sail ships bigger than Schooners. 

                       – Not allowed to enter romantic RP with any other character.

          b. Teen Characters
                        – Characters between the ages of 15 and 17 years old.
                        – Must include “[T]” at the beginning of the name.
                        – Not allowed to sail ships bigger than Brigantines.
                        – Not allowed to enter romantic RP with any adult character.

4. Fantasy Skins and Costumes that do not fit the theme of the server are not allowed to be used. When applicable, fantasy skin colors must be applied via tattoo, not paint. Ask an admin if you are unsure if your fantasy roleplay is appropriate to the server.

5. Well-Known People/Characters: Never RP any famous people or well known characters that already exist. You may take inspiration from well known individuals, but you may not be them or use their exact name. Be creative!

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