Understanding Suspensions

DarksideRP is committed to providing a safe environment for players to explore their creativity and we take our code of conduct very seriously. Players who have broken server rules or acted in a way that was deemed inappropriate, may receive a temporary ban, or "suspension" from the gaming community and will be unable to access the servers for the listed time period.

Following the duration, connection will be reestablished and tags will be replaced, but all suspension violations will be recorded on the player account. Further disregard of community rules may result in harsher punishments or permanent removal from the community in the future.


How will I know if I've been suspended?

When suspended due to infraction, players will receive an Official Suspension Notice through the DarksideRP ticketing center and an additional notification to their attached email. Check your open tickets in the player dashboard for details. Players will never be notified of suspension through discord DMs.


How long is my suspension?

Suspension duration will vary on a case by case basis and depend on the type and number of infractions, in addition to player history. Suspension duration and the expiration date and time will be listed in your Official Suspension Notice.


What if the suspension was unfair?

If your account has been suspended due to a violation, you can appeal the penalty by submitting a punishment appeal ticket. Please note that repeated or abusive appeals won't improve your case. Appeals sent after a final review may be ignored.

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