Combat Logging

The act of "logging off", or exiting the game in any fashion, including disruption to network connection, in order to illegitimately avoid repercussion, damage, defeat or any other undesired situation due to combat or aggressive interaction. In roleplay, this can also include intentionally exiting the game purely to avoid a potential combat interaction with another player that has not yet occurred, but that the player has been made aware of whether by natural roleplay or meta information.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Exiting to avoid having to finish a losing battle.
  • Exiting to avoid being captured or killed in combat.
  • Exiting to avoid hostage roleplay or jail periods.
  • Exiting to avoiding an incoming attack or raid.
  • Exiting to avoid interaction with specific players.
  • Exiting while hidden in an illogical place to avoid being found.


If you have disconnected due to ISP interruption or cannot finish an interaction due to legitimate circumstances, you must contact the other parties involved to inform them of the situation. Failure to contact parties within 15 minutes of any disconnect will be treated as a combat log violation. Roleplay situations must arrange for a 'pause' and scheduled time to re-engage. Players must always deal with the consequences of any scene on the next log-in.

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