Rules – War

Sieging & War

In order to declare war, there must be substantial aggressive roleplay or multiple previous battles between the two parties to warrant such an aggressive act. Prior to officially declaring war in roleplay, the two party leaders must hold an OOC meeting to determine their own personal set of war rules. These rules must then be approved by an admin. War cannot begin until this meeting occurs, but once the terms are decided, they can be roleplayed out in game.

Additionally when a company wants to go to war with another, they must construct a Settlement War Declaration in order to set the time frame for the war and disable invulnerability on the island. The only exception to this is when you want to hold a war battle in the Demon’s Maw at the ‘center’ of the map.

1. Sieging: Raiding is now replaced with “sieging”. The rules specific for what you can destroy, kill and steal will be discussed during the war meeting and set by the warring parties.

2. War Limits: Limits are decided during the offline meeting. This includes:
          – The maximum amount of players allowed to participate on each side.
          – The maximum amount of ships per side.
          – The maximum amount of tames per side, if including tames.
          – If performing a land siege, how much can be destroyed.
          – How much can be stolen as spoils of war.

3. Alliances in War: Companies are allowed to include no more than one ally company by default in sieges. Any additional allies must be agreed upon OOC.

4. No “Trojan Horses”: You must bear your company colors at all times during war.

5. No “False Surrender”: Shooting off 3 white flares means they wish to discuss surrender and KOS on this target is prohibited. Neither party can open fire again until there as been a discussion. There is no ‘false surrender’ allowed during war-time in order to gain the upper hand. Any abuse to this mechanic will be met with admin intervention.

6. Pacifism: Times of war are meant to be fun, however that is definitely not for everyone. Should you not wish to take place in PVP you make seek asylum at a neutral port town or ally’s base. You may bring your animals here as well should you wish if you receive permission from the owner.

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