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At DarksideRP, we strive to inspire player creativity and provide an environment for brand new adventures within our old favorite game titles.

In order to provide the best roleplay experience for our community, we run purely on the passion and dedication of our talented volunteer team. From community representation to content development, we offer a variety of opportunities where you can share your skills and passions with the community.  Whether you can write creative articles, shoot and edit tutorial footage, develop stunning game mods, or just enjoy maintaining a positive presence in our community forums, there is likely a place for you here. If you feel that you are up to the challenge and want to be part of a volunteer team that serves one of the best online roleplaying communities on the internet, send us your application today!

Position Division Responsibility Status
Community Rep SandboxRP Volunteer Open
Community Rep Wargames Volunteer Open
Admin SandboxRP Staff Closed
Developer Atlas Staff Open
Developer GTA5 Staff Open
Developer RDR2 Staff Open
Admin Wargames Staff Pending
3D Artist Atlas Staff Open
3D Artist RDR2 Staff Pending
Curator (Editorial Writer) Darkside Volunteer Open
Curator (Creative Writer) Darkside Volunteer Open
Curator (Video Production) Darkside Volunteer Open
Beta Tester Atlas Volunteer Open
Beta Tester RDR2 Volunteer Pending
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