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Welcome to the Character Graveyard!

This channel is for letting the whole server know if you have completely ended your current character's RP through a permadeath.


Please remember: Once you post your character's memorial here, you will no longer be able to bring this character back this season.
NO Discussion is allowed here. This channel is only for posting your character's "memorial" and any other chatter will be removed.


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Character Name -  Company Name:
Your death story or memorial words.

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Posted : 26/11/2019 8:57 pm
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Lord Sebastian Walter Harlow, 3rd Baron of Ayncourt and Sponsor of the Murky Water Mercenaries

A man who embodied the very stiff view of British aristocracy met his end at the hands of Alexander Grieves, Lord of the Undead. A guillotine blade severing not only his head from his body but also any hope of an afterlife. His soul is now forever stuck in purgatory until called upon to serve his new undead master.

- What was bargained shall be claimed "Oh... bugger."

Posted : 01/12/2019 7:37 pm
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Jack Justice - Freehaven

After a long struggle with headaches the worst has happened. A terrible migraine at the most inopportune time has fatally left Jack surrounded by a huge fleet of  galleons and brigantines of the damned. Jack put up as much of a fight as you may expect from a cook but it was hopeless from the start. Still groggy from nearly passing out Jack had little choice but to bravely go down with his ship the Elysium. All crew were lost at sea. 

Posted : 28/01/2020 8:44 pm
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In an unfortunate sailing incident, The Sliver was sunk at sea. It's Cpt. Sigmund J. Benson was presumed dead as he has not been heard from since. ...a bottle washed to shore by the docks of Hydra Trading. In it contained the shipping manifest from the sliver......
Posted : 03/02/2020 8:15 am
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Aiden McManus -  The Circle
Stay at port and finish his bounty office, or go on patrol. He debated briefly and jumped in line for ship assignment. He spent the night singing and enjoying time with his family. As the night wore down, he nervously manned his station as they moved to engage a galleon and two brigs. A brief encounter with the first brig, a Blackmire ship, revealed that Keystone had attacked their port and was not far behind. He heard his captain thank them for the information before heading off to engage the remaining Brig. As the battle unfolded, as so many had before, Aiden noticed the Blackmire ship circling the battle, and soon it too was opening fire. There were the sound of feet pounding overhead as a boarding party attacked the top deck. Aiden, knowing it was not likely to end well, ran to the top deck to aid his crew....

Posted : 18/02/2020 2:55 am
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Kaspia Quarts - Rainbow Trading then Renagades

She was never liked as a person where she used to live in the land of Green. Where her family lived in solid ice. Her father was brutal and mean and thought that women are better to be seen then heard and wait hand and foot upon the men of her village. Plus seeing how her father took multiple wife's Kaspia knew she didn't want to be around them anymore, and  being the youngest of  five older brothers and seeing how her father cared more for her brothers, valuing their opinions and boasting about their accomplishments to everyone, while kaspia was ignored by her father, Kaspia decided to leave her family behind. She made a makeshift raft and began her journey. After weeks of sailing she finally landed on hotter tropical shores. Through all her struggles she managed to make a friend and then a few more friends. She thought this could be her new family. As weeks went by with her new found crew she found herself to be the only girl amongst her fellow friends, and soon she realized how her newfound friends treated her a lot like where she first came from. She felt her voice and opinions where pushed to the side, alienated she began to feel, and after her company changed hands at least three times she continued to try to keep her crew together but it was no good. Eventually most of them split off to do their own things and some never even told her they where leaving. With a sad broken heart of just wanting to belong , but knowing this could never truly be she climbed up to the highest mountain, watched the sun set as she said her goodbyes to the world, and she jumped to her demise.    

Posted : 21/02/2020 9:20 pm
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Hank Havok sails away to the promised lands with Miss Cyan of Happy Kiwi to start a new life together. They have had a love/hate relationship since forever but some say its more than that.

Hank had a very eventful time in this world being a part of many companies from Happy Kiwi, Silver Suns, Alexandrite Mercantile, to Bastion for a short time. He was very quirky and shouted more then talked in a normal voice. He was also really good with kids/teens who bonded with him more than the adults. Maybe it was his childish personality at times or his good looks that caused the adults to pick on him most of the time, who knows. He took many knives/arrows/bullets to his body but he always found a way to mend the wounds, maybe he also had healing powers or maybe the PLAGUE that still lingers in his body to this day has something to do with it.

Regardless, Hank met and mingled with a lot of great people in this world even though at times he was prone to saying the wrong thing most of the time. He was misunderstood but loved at the same time so it was a great balance. Maybe one day he will be back but for now new adventures await in the promised lands, the adventure is just beginning.

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Posted : 22/02/2020 11:36 pm
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"Tadgh Murphy" from The Dwarfs.     Trader at heart Fighter by Rage for the lost of his friend Sam Benson at the hands of a unknown navy sailor. was sunk boarding during a fight with the Navy. After a long fight with two navy ships sunk, their second wave sunk him and his fellow crew. upon boarding top deck of the navy ship he was met to hand to hand combat by 4-6 people and fought to his last breath after getting surrounded and with one last breath "Murphy" as everyone called him. Looked Christoph "Angry" Boese his killer in the eye and lay to rest. satisfied by even his attempt to avenge his fallen friends 

Posted : 23/02/2020 11:41 pm
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Callie Beckett - Final Company "The Afflicted". Spent most of the time on the seas doing what she loved with her best friend by her side Alexandra, Gathering resources and trading with others. Going from Damaged Goods to StoneHeart, their stories intertwined with Keystone & Afflicted and from there they had found a family. Making a huge decision in her life to become a true Afflicted member by signing her soul over to her Reaper captain. Callie stayed true to her Captain to the end and made sure his beloved was able to get away in the chaos of battle. Surrendering herself to the navy during the final battle she was married to Jack (Betty) - of the Dwarfs while in custody by the Admiral himself. Knowing she wasn't going to be set free again, she choose to go out with a bang. #PurpleGang

Posted : 24/02/2020 12:46 am
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Jack Hodgins of The Dwarves and The Refuge spent most of his time joining his family in many different battles and setting up trade routes. His final battle was aboard the Behemoth whilst fighting the Navy and after successfully sinking two brigantines, and being surrounded by three more before making an escape was sunk and arrested subsequently by the Navy. His final moments were spent in a cage on the Navy docks marrying his captive sweetheart Callie(Steve) of the Afflicted and did indeed go out with a bang ultimately ordered by the Admiral. #GreenGang

Posted : 24/02/2020 3:27 pm
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