You have been kicked from this server.

Common Problems
Account requires additional set-up or contains errors.
Attempting to access a whitelist server without permission.
Account is suspended or permanently banned.

There are several reasons a player would receive the error message “You have been kicked from this server” when attempting to connect to DarksideRP servers.

  1. Incomplete Registration
    The user has not fully completed the registration process.

  2. Incorrect SteamID
    The incorrect SteamID is linked to the DarksideRP account.
    The user is attempting to access the server on the wrong steam account.

  3. Incomplete Discord Connection
    The user has not synced their Discord account.
    The incorrect DiscordID is linked to the DarksideRP account.
    The user is not a tagged member of the DarksideRP discord server.

  4. No Whitelist Permission
    The user has attempted to connect to a Whitelisted server without having ‘Whitelisted’ status.

  5. Account Suspension or Ban
    The user’s account has been suspended or banned from DarksideRP. Check your email for notifications.

Issue unresolved?

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