1. Taming and Ownership

  • Always tag your personal tames with your character’s name (ie. Joel [Admiral Bane]).
  • Do not use or relocate player tames without permission from the owner (except to rescue it).

2. Tamed Creature Limits​

Tame Limit

4 Tames
+ 1 per Member

15 Max

Group Tames

All Servers

Each group is automatically granted 4 tames. +1 additional tame for every active member up to a total maximum of 15 tames.


1 per Member

+ 1

Personal Bonus

All Servers

Players are granted +1 optional companion will not count toward group tame limits. Please see additional server restrictions.

Breeding Bonus

Ark & Atlas

+ 10

Animal Husbandry

Ark & Atlas

Farmers and professional breeders are granted +10 additional tames. Bonus can only be applied once per group.

Outpost Bonus

Atlas only

+ 5

Outpost Bonus

Atlas Only

Companies who own an outpost are granted +5 additional tames.

3. No Tames in Combat

Tames are never allowed to be used in aggressive combat against another player.

  • All tames should be kept on passive during general RP.
  • You may not have more than one tame following you as a guardian.
  • Aggressive tames may be euthanized if they attack another player unprovoked.
  • These rules can be temporarily amended and customized via Formal War Terms.

4-a. Weapon Carts
Weaponized animal carts cannot be used against player characters, and must never be manned by “mutes”.

4-b. Mounted PvP
You cannot control your mount’s actions, while riding it, in order to attack another player. You can however, attack another player from the back of a creature using your character’s hand drawn weapons. 

Mounted PvP is banned on: Conan Exiles.

4-c. Enemy Tames
You are to do your very best to avoid killing non-aggressive tames. If a passive creature is killed during PvP or raiding you may be required to replace the creature with one of equal age.

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