Sieging & War

In order to declare war, there must be substantial aggressive roleplay or previous battles between the two parties to warrant such an aggressive act. In order for a war to be officially declared, the clan leaders must hold either an in-character meeting through active roleplay or, if there may be disagreement or hostilities, an offline discussion can be held previous to the roleplay to determine their own personal set of war rules. War cannot begin until this meeting occurs.

1. War Declaration

All war must be the product of roleplay interaction and agreed upon by both parties (or admin ruling).

  1. Registration: Aggressive groups looking to declare war must “register” their group via the forums. You can do this at any time, but you may not declare war in roleplay without first registering with the valid information. This is to simply assist the admins should people try to impersonate your group members. It is your responsibility to keep this information accurate.

  2. In-Game Declaration: Limits, duration and other details will be politically roleplayed out in game with the opposing faction. Both sides must agree to the action. Anything that can’t be settled in roleplay can be taken to OOC mediation through the admins.


  3. Admin War Record: After war has been declared in roleplay, the aggressor must post the official war notice in the Discord #war-record.  Failure to do this can result in admin action. 

2. Sieging

The act of sieging is much more destructive than raiding. These terms are typically set during war declaration and negotiation.
“Zeroing out” or completely destroying an enemy walker is allowed during active war (but please attempt to keep it fair.)

3. Cooperation in War

You are only allowed to include your one official ally to aid in any war encounters.
“Stumbling upon the battle” is not a valid reason to include additional parties and will be considered an exploit.

4. No “Trojan Horses”

You must bear your company colors at all times during war.

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