Tribe, Clan and Company Limits

Create a tribe, clan or company even if you are planning to play solo!
This will help players retain logs and aid admins when dealing with player situations.

1. Group Limits




Conan Exiles



Last Oasis






2. Alliances

Alliances are only meant to be used to push RP forward, and utilizing them to surpass restrictions is considered powergaming and will not be tolerated.

  • Clans are allowed one alliance.
  • Allies may never live within the same server grid (to avoid capacity abuse).

3. Leaving the Group?

For whatever reason, sometimes a player or group of players needs to leave their current company.
You may not manipulate the exit of multiple members over several days to circumvent these limits. 

3-a. Exit Allowance: When leaving a tribe, clan or company, you are always allowed to take your personal belongings. Despite this allowance, leaving without discussion, may still have in-character consequences or lead to additional roleplay with the original group.

  • 1 Ship (if you own a personal ship*).
  • 1 Personal Tame (if you own a personal tame).
  • Your Current Gear (up to 1 armor set , 1 set of tools, and 2 weapons).
  • Any Personal Belongings (specific to your personal roleplay, such as journals).
  • Enough food, water and basic repair material to survive.
  • Any Additional (if negotiated).

* If you are leaving with other members, you may only take one ship total. You may only take the crew currently stationed upon the ship (or enough crew to man each sail, if none are currently present). 

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