Crime & Punishment​

1. Armed Robbery

In addition to these rules, please also read more about criminal activity in Combat and Raiding.
Please keep in mind that robbery and other crimes is a punishable offense (in RP) if you are caught by law enforcement. 

  1. Attempting to rob someone allows that person to automatically engage in combat against you if they do not comply to the theft.

  2. When robbing an active player in the wild, if they comply to the theft, you must still leave them with a reasonable chance of survival. This means leaving them with a weapon, clothes if in a harsh biome, and food/ water if not near a source. You cannot rob someone of their mounts or tames unless they offer them in exchange for safety, and are not allowed to cause harm/ death to the creatures (you will be held responsible if you do).

2. Jail Time & Hostages​

Hostages may be taken within RP only with a proper initiation (see ‘How to Initiate PvP’) or when they have committed a crime and have been detained (no initiation required).

  1. Prisoners and Hostages: You are able to keep a captive prisoner for a maximum of 15 minutes unless otherwise agreed to by the captive or appropriate to the RP. During this time the person should be role played with, or if you leave they should be given a way to attempt to escape thus turning the hostage time into a mini-game.

  2. Jail Time: Law enforcement may arrest and hold those who break the rules for a period of time equivalent to the offense. Once their time has been served, they should be taken to trial, executed or released. For more in depth information, please visit our Atlas Law Enforcement section & Infamy section.

  3. Hostage takers are responsible for the safety of the hostage. They are expected to ensure they do not die of thirst, hunger or by wild creatures. While you are taking them to a trial/jail you should attempt to protect them.

3. Public Execution

  1. In order to perform a public execution, the accused must agree to it OOC unless they have reached level 4 infamy and have been given a 24 hour grace period to allow for rescue. For more in depth information, please visit our Atlas Infamy & Execution section.

  2. All public executions are permas.
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