Base Building​

1. Litter & Structure Spam

Never leave any non-permanent, such as taming pens, campfires and sleeping bags, scattered across the server. 
Never spam building pieces such as foundations or pillars in order to

Every ‘item’ added to the world will impact the health and performance of the server. When you’re done with a structure, clean it up! 

2. Base Limits

Clans are allowed one base location.

Clans are allowed one base location.

2-a. Size
All base locations must be a reasonable for the size and purpose of the company or group in order to maintain server health and save space for new players. Buildings should be designed with roleplay in mind, not PvP or “Min-maxing”. If an admin feels your build is too big, expect a request to downsize.

2-b. Reserving Land
Unfinished structures, vacant starter huts and other land claims may be removed if no significant progress is is made to finish or expand them within 48 hours. Using scattered structures explicitly for the sake of blocking other players is considered powergaming and is unacceptable.

2-c. Moving or Merging
If you decide to move base locations, you must destroy the previously built base to prevent server degradation. If there is a company merger, base restrictions are still in effect and it is your responsibility to organize what is to be kept.

3. Building Regulations

All Structures should enhance roleplay and have an in-character reason to be built. Remember to keep aesthetics appropriate to the server’s theme and be proactive about maintaining areas for server health. 

4. Auto-turrets

NPC “mute crew” and other automatic turrets may be used for the defense of private company buildings according to the following auto-turret regulations. Warning signs should be posted when active defenses are present.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the owning tribe to ensure that all gates to private areas containing auto-turrets are closed and locked at all times. Remember to be aware of areas you are leading non-tribe members through in order to avoid accidental player death.

5. Inactivity

The server will clear out the property of inactive companies without warning if all members have been inactive for 14 days. Some of these processes are automated and we will not replace items lost due to inactivity. In order to avoid losing your property, make sure that at least one person from the company logs in and completes a few tasks to register activity.

If you are solo and will be taking an extended leave from the game but plan to return to your character, let an admin know so we can visit your property and make sure the automated systems do not demo your main base. We cannot hold property for “vacations” lasting longer than 20 days with the current state of the EA.

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