Ship Limits

  1. Fleet Limits: All companies may have 2 vessels regardless of company size.

      1. Expansion: Companies may increase their fleet at a rate of 1 ship for every 2 active members (to a maximum of 15).

      2. Galleons: Companies may have one galleon regardless of company size. Companies may own additional galleons at a rate of 1 ship for every 15 active members (up to a maximum of 3 total). These ships are included in the fleet count.

      3. Submarine Limit: Companies may own a maximum of 1 submarine. This submarine is not included in the fleet limit.

  2. Sailing Limits: Companies must abide by these limits at all times (PvE & PvP) unless at war.

      1. Sailing Party: Up to 25 players (including allies).

      2. Convoy Size: Up to 3 ships (including allies).
        • This can include a total of two Brigantines.
        • If a Galleon is included, it counts as two ships

Ship Designs

All ships must be realistic in design for the time period (1650-1720).

  1. Unobstructed View: The helm cannot be enclosed and the captain must be ble to see in all directions when sailing the ship in first person.

  2. Weaponry: Ships with visible weaponry can be sunk in combat.

      1. Top deck: Cannons may never be stacked or enclosed by structures.
      2. Below deck: Cannons must be spaced one per gun-port.
      3. Gunports: If a ship has gunports, it will be treated as if it has cannons.
      4. Swivel Guns: NPCs may never be used to man swivel guns.
      5. Civilian Galleons: Civilians may not sail Galleons armed with cannons.

  3. “Turtling”: Ships may never utilize structures to shield the deck. captain or cannons from attack in battle. The only exception are aesthetically pleasing, unarmed civilian house-boats.

  4. Ship Names: Ship names can never be offensive or tasteless and must be applicable to RP. Ships names that staff feel violate our community standards will be sunk without warning and players will not be compensated for the loss.

      1. HMS Ships: Only the Royal Navy may use the prefix “HMS”.
  • Class Color: As Shown
  • Ships with sails of the Royal Navy are combative.
  • May demand any other ship stop and raise sails.
  • May engage any manned vessel at sea.
  • Can attack black sails without initiation.
  • More information: Law Enforcement.
  • Class Color: Black
  • Ships with black sails are aggressive.
  • May demand any other ship stop and raise sails.
  • May engage any manned vessel at sea.
  • Can attack black, red and naval ships without initiation.
  • Class Color: Any Unclaimed Color
  • Civilian ships are either defensive or passive.
  • May not demand any other ship raise their sails.
  • May never initiate attacks on any other ships.
  • If armed, and attacked, may defend themselves.
  • Unarmed ships must be disabled, not sunk.
  • Class Color: Red
  • Ships with red sails are combative.
  • Must obtain a letter of marque to legally fly red.
  • Marque: Can attack black sails without initiation*
  • Marque: May demand non-naval ships stop and raise sails*
    * With a valid marque and if on an official bounty or royal contract.


  1. Ship Colors: All ships are required to fly the correct color flags and engage with other ships appropriate to their sail class colors. Keep in mind that your reputation may precede you and will affect how people react to you in RP regardless of sails being flown at any given time.

      1. Owning Multiple Ship Classes: Companies that engage in pvp can own both combative ships that fly aggressive colors (black, red or naval) and passive trading ships (any other color).

      2. Changing Sail Color: Once a ship has seen on the open ocean by other companies, you cannot change the color classification of the sails except in specific circumstances (however the design may change). In the following situations, sail classification may be changed once (and only once) but the change must be done at your home base:
          • The company transitions from one classification to another due to RP.
          • You upgrade a basic trade vessel that has never seen battle to a war vessel.
          • You obtain property (by theft or transfer) and must change the flags.
          • You are going to attempt a Trojan horse (requires admin approval).

      3. “Trojan Horse”: You may utilize a ‘false flag’ as a Trojan horse against another group only if there is substantial conflict with that group and you have first spoken to an admin. Using the wrong flag without admin approval will be seen as exploiting the system and is a punishable offense.

  2. NPCs on Ships: NPC Crewmembers (AI/ “Mute Crew”/ “Mutes”) can be used on player ships to perform any ship task except swivel guns. The total amount of AI allowed on the ship is:
Type Dinghy Raft Sloop Schooner Brigantine Galleon
Max AI 0 1 2 6 10 20
Type Max AI
Dinghy 0
Raft 1
Sloop 2
Schooner 6
Brigantine 10
Galleon 20
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