The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy is the official naval force and only law enforcement presence allowed on the server. Civilians may report unlawful actions to the Navy in order to obtain justice. Citizens are also allowed to join, go through basic training, and even be promoted through the ranks!

  1. Location: Port of Proudshire in B2; South West Corner of the Royal Waters.
      • This island is owned and operated by the Royal Navy.
      • Cannot be settled in or built on by non-Navy personnel.
      • Cannot be attacked during the first 10 days of each new map.

  2. Authority: On duty Naval Officers are allowed by law to perform the following duties:
  • Enforce basic law and arrest, try and punish convicted criminals.
  • Aid settlements in the judgement and eviction process.
  • Fine or jail citizens found tampering with mail.
  • Request to see identification and licenses when applicable.
  • Can issue trade conscription to traders and merchants working with pirates.
  • Can permanently brand captives who have committed acts of piracy.
  • Request someone remove their gloves to check for branding.
  • Can hold infamous or “wanted” pirates in custody for up to 24 hours.
  •  Can hail any ship to stop and raise sails.
  • Perform a full inspection of any manned ship’s cargo.
  • Issue fines or jail time for ship violations.
  • Tax ships based on the number of cannons on board.
  • Penalize islands taxing over the legal 15% limit.
  • Collect fines and increase cost based on the level of external defenses present.
  • Perform a full inspection of any workshop and/or storage resource building.
    (All other buildings cannot be inspected without permission or an official search warrant.)
  1. Military Focus: The Royal Navy does not perform any major resource gathering by their own hands and the majority of resources must be obtained via trade. Because of this, the Navy will purchase all necessary materials from civilian traders at a set standard price.

  2. Standard Issue Uniforms and Weapons: All recruits receive a uniform. After completing basic training, all navy men will receive standard issue firearms. The Royal Navy will provide all food, supplies, ammunition and repairs needed while performing naval duties. Anything outside of that will be the burden of the player.

  3. Naval Command Terms: Players may hold a high command position in the Royal Navy for the duration of two chapters (Chapters are typically 8-12 weeks). If a story requires additional time, it can be requested. Additionally, you cannot hold back to back high command positions on two different characters unless you have admin permission.

  4. Privateers: In order to become a legal privateer and receive permission to commit acts that would otherwise be seen as piracy, you must register with the Navy and receive a Letter of Marque. This license must be kept on your ship/person whenever sailing ‘red’ and must be presented when performing official privateer duties.

    With a valid Marque, Privateers may:
      • Accept and perform Official Bounties and Missions from the Royal Navy.
      • Hail non-naval ships if on an Official Bounty or Mission (and have probable cause.)
      • Fire upon black sails without initiation if on an Official Bounty or Mission.
      • May take wanted criminals prisoner for delivery to the Royal Navy.

Please note: If Privateers sink a Black Sailed vessel without a bounty the Navy will put their Marque under review, during which they cannot accept any new bounties. If they are cleared of any wrong doing their Marque will be reinstated.

Server Law

  1. Island Taxation:  Island Owners may legally tax the island residents up to a maximum of 15% via the Taxation Bank. This island tax rate is considered valid public knowledge if you are actively on the island. Any additional taxation is considered theft!

  2. Contraband: The following items are considered illegal to farm, produce or trade.
    • Mythos
    • Dragon’s Tongue Delight

      1. Purchase: All citizens may legally purchase select contraband items from the Navy. Every purchase will come with a purchase receipt for proof of legal trade. These receipts must be kept on the ship during transport.

          • Transport: Purchase receipts allow for the transport of the product for that day only.
          • Storage: Purchase receipts must be kept on record where the resource is being stored.

      2. Contract Jobs: Civilian companies can obtain licenses to farm illegal resources on contract for the Navy. Any product kept is considered theft and is punishable by law.

  3. Endangered Tames: Shieldhorn, Razortooth, Leatherwing, Yeti, Elementals, Cyclops and Giant Crabs are considered endangered and are protected from poaching by law. Poaching and possession of these creatures is considered illegal.
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