Rules – Roleplay

Standard Roleplay Rules

These core roleplay rules are never to be bent or broken.

1. Stay in Character: Roleplaying (RP) is the main purpose of this server. You must play as though you are the character you’ve created, and your behaviors and interactions in the game should reflect your character’s behaviors and mannerisms. You must stay in character at all times while on the server.

2. Value for Life (NVL): When in an active RP situation, you must value your life and the lives of others. Your character is mortal and only has one life- you should act appropriate to their personality when faced with dangers.

3. Never ignore RP: Players must do their best not to ignore others’ RP. If you absolutely must ignore a person take the time to give them a server appropriate reason why you must be on your way and then move on.

4. Metagaming (Meta) or the use of meta information will not be tolerated.

Metagaming is the use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character has not yet learned. You cannot know or act on any information that your character hasn’t directly learned in-game through active roleplay. For more information, please visit our Metagaming section.

Powergaming of any form is prohibited.

Powergaming generally happens when someone sacrifices roleplay to favor their own character or “win”, and it is strictly forbidden. Playing your character should always be more important than playing the game. For more in depth information, please visit our Powergaming section.

6. New Life Rule (NLR): Upon death during RP, your character does not actually die (unless you decide to permanently kill off your character), but you are not allowed to return to your corpse (unless continuing the scene via hostage roleplay) and you forget all events leading up to the death. For more in depth information, please visit our New Life Rule section.

7. RP Blurring: There must be a clear separation between ‘in character’ (IC) and ‘out of character’ (OOC) behavior and knowledge. If your personal feelings begin to bleed into the roleplay, it is advised that you take a break from the server. If you continue to act based on OOC feelings, beliefs, disagreements or other information in character, especially in a toxic manner, we will be forced to remove you from the server. Please remember that your character is not you and anything that happens to your character is not a direct attack on your outside reality.

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