Atlas – Companies


1. Size: The maximum company size is 30 members.

2. Alliances: Alliances should not be abused to circumvent company limits. Alliances are only meant to be used to push RP forward, and utilizing them to surpass restrictions is considered powergaming and will not be tolerated.

3. Company Inactivity: Players that don’t log on for 12 days in a row are considered inactive.

          a. Inflating Numbers: Inactive players do not count toward raising your active limits. (ie. If you have a company of 30 but only 12 of those players are “active”, then your company limits are dictated by the 12, and you must scale back your property.) It is recommended that players remove inactive members since you can always add them back if they return!

          b. Demo Schedule: The server will clear out the property of inactive companies without warning if all members have been inactive for 12 days. Some of these processes are automated and  we will not replace items lost due to inactivity.

          c. Vacation: If you are solo and will be taking an extended leave from the game but plan to return to your character, let an admin know so we can visit your property and make sure the automated systems do not demo your main base. We cannot hold property for “vacations” lasting longer than 20 days with the current state of the EA.


Leaving the Company?

1. Exit Allowance: When leaving a company you are allowed:
          – 1 Ship (if you own a personal ship).
          – Any Personal Belongings (specific to your roleplay).
          – Character Gear (up to 1 armor set , 1 set of tools, and 2 weapons).
          – Personal Tames (up to a max of 2).
          – Enough food, water and basic repair material to survive.
          – Any Additional (if negotiated)

This allowance is not considered theft if you have been part of the company for atleast a week and have contributed to the group.This does not apply to Navy members. Despite this allowance, leaving a company without warning, may still have RP consequence.

2. Mutiny:  Mutiny takes place when a character that is choosing to leave a company on bad terms or in secret, attempts to steal company property or encite other crew members as a final act of greed or defiance. This is a hostile act and may lead to long term hostilities with your old company.

          a. Limits: Mutaneers may steal 25% of gold present up to a maximum of 500 gold, a maximum of 5 blueprints, and a maximum of 1 stack of a rare harvested resource. (This is total, not per person. More can be negotiated OOC with the opponent.)

          b. Naval Mutiny: Navy Members are never allowed to mutiny without admin permission. They can defect or go AWOL, but they cannot mutiny and leave with Navy property. Please note that defecting will also have in character consequences.